2023 Katalyst Group

Let’s make 2023 the most prosperous year of your career!
This program was designed to help you attract clients & feel grounded.

The 2023 Katalyst Group Program is a 6-week LIVE training program for MTs who want to leverage their business to have more flexibility and change their communities with music therapy. We want to see the field of music therapy grow. The more creators that rise up out of our field, the more lives will be impacted positively by music therapy

By joining this cohort, you will:

  • Give your business a comprehensive WORKOUT by using our a rate-setting calculator, profit plan worksheet, marketing scripts & templates, REVIEWS of your materials & communications in a weekly Q&A
  • Explore creativity within the program development process
  • Set priorities so that you are living life by design
  • Become a magnet for funders who recognize your worth by giving head-turning presentations
  • Create a crystal clear vision so you know exactly where you’re going
  • Plan, prepare and execute your next level growth as a seasoned business owner

Whatever milestone is next for your private practice or entrepreneurial venture, we are ready run beside you!

“Kat has done an amazing job of providing CMTE courses to music therapists at MusicTherapyEd.com. It was great working with her because shes has the passion, drive and professional skills to make a site like this thrive. She consistently over-delivers on the value she gives to others through her courses. I highly recommend her work.”

Ryan Judd, MT-BC

“Kat is like the Björk of music therapy. 10 years ahead of everyone else all the time.”

Ariel Weissberger

“After leaving Kat’s session today I need a mini Kat to put in my pocket and be my personal cheerleader! #inspired

Phoebe Bell

“I attended Kat’s lecture presentation on web site and business development at the Drum Circle Facilitator’s Conference 2013. Her presentation was fantastic! One of those rare sessions that literally changed my life and business for the better in less than 90 minutes.Kat is a shining light of creativity, and brings her amazing talents and enthusiasm into every project she undertakes. If you are seeking personal or professional development, stronger teamwork, better rhythm, or the development of new ideas, Kat Fulton will enable you to accomplish your goals.”

Cameron Tummel

What You Get

By signing up for the 2023 Katalyst program, you will receive:

6 modules of results-based business lessons, LIVE every Tuesday at 6PM Eastern, that will energize you and guide you through attracting the best clients for your practice

Commute-friendly audio files and transcripts included

Sample budgets, rate-setting calculator, email templates, phone scripts, and sample forms that you can literally COPY and paste for your business

Community like none other providing you with accountability, simple clear action steps, and answer-driven resources from our team

Weekly Workshops

Tuesday, April 11th – Tuesday, May 16th

Each call starts at 6PM Eastern and lasts 60-90 minutes

Week 1

  • PROFIT PLAN: Get crystal clear about your Profit Plan so that you can predict your success & conversion rates
  • Resources: Profit Plan Worksheet
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

 Week 2

  • BRAND MESSAGING: Use Kat’s no-fail Brand Messaging Formula to get decision-makers begging to fund your services
  • Resources
    • Branding Messaging Worksheet
    • Employee vs Contractor Decision Tree
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Week 3

  • COPY-WRITING & MARKETING: Learn how to make heads turn with the words you use to describe the benefits to your prospective clients
  • Resources
    • Communication Planner
    • Get Kind Words PDF
    • Take Inspired Action Worksheet
    • Compassionate Connection Framework PDF
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Week 4

  • RATE-SETTING: Dissolve concerns before they ever come up, and set your rates so that you & your clients feel honored
  • Resources
    • Rate Increase Letter Templates
    • Sample Budgets
    • Sample Presentation To Funders
    • Sample Hospital Proposal
    • Sample Hospital Report
    • Sample SEMTAP Assessment
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Week 5

  • SYSTEMS: Implement the precise systems to streamline everything — with checklists! — so you can get work off your plate and focus on the big picture
  • Resource: Task System Worksheet
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Week 6

  • INTEGRATION WEEK: This week we review everything, and refine the aspects of our work that need tuning up!
  • Resources:
    • 5 Pillars of Integration Worksheet
    • 30-Minute Consultation Template
    • Large-Scale Project Viability Questions
  • Q&A – 15 minutes

Kat Fulton, Founder of Music Therapy Ed

Kat is a multi-passionate keynote speaker, who has been quoted in major media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, HuffPo, and Epoch Times. She’s facilitated drum circles for the US Surgeon General, Americans for the Arts, NAMM, Museum of Making Music, Qualcomm, Intuit, and more. She is highly sought-out as a retreat facilitator and leader in the healing arts. Kat ran a private practice for 12 years in San Diego, and she is currently the director of MusicTherapyEd.com, the premier resource for music therapy continuing education.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had a business for years. Would this program be right for me?

Yes. We treat your business in “milestone.” As a business owner, you know that it’s easier to work towards your “next finish line” than to move forward with no targets to hit. You can use the 2023 Katalyst Group to hit your next finish line.

I don’t have a business yet. Will this help me start one?

Yep! The principles taught in the course are perfect for you, and should set you up for a strong start!

How much time will the 2023 Katalyst Group take?

We believe that if you put in 2 hours per week on the homework, you will reach your goals. The more you put into the program, the more you’ll get out, and the better your results will be!

May I get continuing education credits for this course?

Yes! If you are a music therapist or counselor who submits credits to CBMT, then follow our instructions for claiming credits.

What if I want to launch a product? or something other than services? Should I sign up?

The 2023 Katalyst Group uses timeless business principles that can be applied to any entrepreneurial pursuit, whether you’re offering products, consulting, or services.

I’m not a music therapist. Can I sign up?

Yep! The principles taught in the course can be applicable to any business owner.