Avoid Death By Powerpoint at #AMTA18 (or any presentation you give!)

We see you over there, working on that presentation– go you! Whether you’re putting the final touches on your materials for a concurrent session at the AMTA National Conference, working on a project for class, or getting ready for a program pitch, the knowledge you have to share with the world about your work is exciting, memorable, and important. Make sure your presentation is the same way! Take some tips from us on how to make that presentation as amazing as YOU are:

5 Tips To Avoid Death By Powerpoint

1) No More Than 6 Words Per Slide (Seth Godin‘s advice): Good news! Slides are free, and you can have as many as you want. Use high-quality images, well-organized information, and short-and-sweet slides to make your slides useful and engaging.

2) Sing a Song, Clap some Hands, & Get Them Moving: Energizing, organizing, and engaging a crowd can be a challenge. Use some of these ideas to spark your fancy! Thankfully, you have your music skills at the ready! Don’t just tell them about what music can do– show them.

3) Make Eye Contact Throughout: “I loved how beautifully that presenter read her note cards and slides to us!” said no one, ever. Your audience is there to hear from YOU– let your powerpoint be an assistant, not the speaker.

4) Ask for Live Feedback Throughout: Audience participation keeps heads from nodding. Use Kat’s fave presentation app polleverywhere.com and get live poll feedback on your screen via participants texting! This is a unique way to get to know your audience and can be eye-opening for the listener.

5) Tired of Powerpoint? Try Haiku Deck or PreziThese programs allow you to have a fresh take on the tradition slide presentation and can make your presentation memorable.

Now get out there and rock those presentations, you stellar leader in healthcare!


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