Advocacy Fatigue? We Have Your Back!

Does the word “advocacy” make you nervous? You’re not alone! The CBMT Board Domains say we are supposed to “serve as a representative, spokesperson, ambassador, or advocate for the profession of music therapy,” and advocacy is definitely important. However, when you are already feeling the crunch of balancing clinical work, professional development, administrative duties, and personal life… how do you do it all?

Here’s the good news: you– just by being an MT-BC and doing your amazing work!– already advocate for music therapy every day. Watch as the MTE team shares their real-life advocacy tips by hitting play below:

If brainstorming about the big challenges of MT-BC life is something you love, then be sure to check out our MTE Team Takeovers on the Professional Success Forum, a vibrant community of over 2,900 of your peers to share ideas, support your journey, and grow you as a student, intern, or clinician.

If you have a challenge you would like to see the MTE team tackle in the next Takeover, drop us an email at or send us a message on Facebook! We are here to support YOU and help you feel like the leader in healthcare you are.

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  1. Thank you for this great clip – I found it really useful to send to my team, to support and remind them of the advocacy they do everyday.

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