#AMTA13 #AwesomeMT Q&A for you!

The #AwesomeMTs Rachel See, Megan Resig, JoAnn Jordan, Michelle Erfurt, and I sat on a panel at the #AMTA13 conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Here are some Q’s that we couldn’t A in the panel, because the explanation requires links and interwebs and so-forth =)

Here’s where you can join the conversation. Flip through some of the comments and questions, and add your own! And, here’s a list of my fellow panelists’ posts:

#AwesomeMT Resources for You by JoAnn Jordan
Creating Our #AwesomeMT Video by Megan Resig



All of the panel members use WordPress.org software, but that’s probably because we own businesses. If you are blogging for fun, or as an extension of a business, then Tumblr, WordPress.com, Blogger are great. Give them a test-drive! But we are all at consensus that if you run a business, then you should pay for your hosting so that the files of your website belong to YOU.

Here’s what Caitlin thinks— Give Tumblr a shot! You can always change and morph in the future – just go for it.


There are SO many different platforms from which to choose. You can tell your story on all of them, just keep in mind that the context of the platform should inform your CONTENT. Andrea mentioned here the context of Instagram:



As far as updating the blog goes, it depends on what you’re doing and what your strategy is. I think we all had different answers for this one, and we’ve all had times when we took a hiatus (which didn’t turn into the end of the world!). There is no right or wrong answer as long as you are communicating effectively and listening carefully to your readers.


I think this is a common concern. Everyone in the field of music therapy is a “Leader in Music Therapy” or an “Expert on Music Therapy.” Seeing as how our profession is so small, we need you to own that title. I learned from The Millionaire Messenger that there are 3 R’s to being an expert: role model, researcher, and resource. The role model answers questions based upon personal experience. The researcher provides insight on topics that he/she may not have any experience with, but has researched and devised answers based upon research. And finally, the resource is an expert who points people in the direction of products, websites, people, groups, communities, and books that have the answers.

Additionally, whenever I’m having troubles coming up with a topic for a blog post, I think about people’s pain, troubles, struggles. Then I write with the intention of helping people.


John Lawrence, music therapist in Canada, started a list on a google doc here. I do not think it’s quite up-to-date, especially with the recent explosion of MT websites, but it’s a good place to start.


The list we came up with here was (1) lists, (2) how-to’s, (3) free stuff, and (4) controversy. Keep it time-relevant and valuable.

Just be yourself =)

There’s tons of help our there for you. Check out music therapy private practices like The George Center, and Rehabilitative Rhythms to see how they do it. But also reach outside of our field, and check out Private Practice from the Inside Out and the Psych Central blog.


My personal advice is to stop multi-tasking and laser focus on one thing at a time. When you remove everything else, and filter it all down to ONE thing, then you are forced to prioritize. The panel had some good ideas on this. There are also tech tools to help you prioritize! (online calendars, project management software, etc)


There’s definitely a protocol for handling these issues. I always reference Cheryl Dileo’s book Ethical Thinking in Music Therapy (affiliate link) for the best way. In addition, there are Ethics Board members of AMTA to whom you can turn with your questions. Rachelle Norman teaches Web Ethics online for music therapists.

2013-11-26_0931cYes, let’s get on that!


Thanks to everyone for coming and participating!

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin music therapy! Kat, Curator, MusicTherapyEd.com

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