Watch My Hands!: Using American Sign Language in Music Therapy

with Shelley Anderson MT-BC

Shelley Anderson

Free Masterclass!

Duration: 120 minutes

Learn how to use American Sign Language in Music Therapy. This presentation is geared for all signing abilities. Shelley will cover basic signs as well as some songs, practice time, considerations, tips, and resources for parents and therapists. While this is geared for MT-BCs, anyone can watch and learn from 60+ signs, several songs, and some real-world examples from session videos.

You will walk away from this Masterclass with:

  • 2 unapproved CMTE credits. See how to claim free CMTEs
  • beginning vocabulary of 60+ signs to use in your practice
  • Fresh repertoire to accompany ASL use in sessions
  • Tips and resources for supporting parents & caregivers

About the Presenter

Shelley Anderson, MT-BC is a Board Certified Music Therapist. She is a graduate of Radford University with a Bachelor in Music Therapy and a Minor in American Sign Language. She enjoys enriching the lives of others through both music and signing, learning about different methods of adaptive communication devices, & teaching other Music Therapists how they can use them as well.

Shelley is the owner of Notes 2 Live By in Fort Wayne, IN.