10th Birthday Scavenger Hunt 🥳

The party continues! 🎉 For Music Therapy Ed’s birthday, we are celebrating ten years of helping music therapists become leaders in healthcare with a fresh new online experience and a scavenger hunt! The grand prize is a Remo festival drum…

Trauma Informed Care ACE Quiz

Take The Trauma Informed Care ACE Quiz

According to the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study, the more trauma experienced in childhood, the more likely serious health problems arise later in life.

Free May Session Idea! Mandalorian Flute Song

Do you have clients who love Star Wars or the Mandalorian? Check out this video of our team member Beth playing the Mandalorian song on her bass recorder but it can be played on any size recorder.

Free April Session Idea! Little April Showers

Drip, Drip, Drop Little April Showers….. a fun session idea to engage your client(s) in a variety of ways. From instrument play to potential songwriting, this song can be adapted to suit many different areas of need. Instructions Learn the song…

Free March Session Idea! March Madness Rhythm Game

This game is fun for many different settings and can easily be adapted to suit different capabilities! We provide a bracket style tournament game and colorful rhythm flashcards that can be used in groups for a fun challenge or adapted…

Grab Your 10 FREE MT Tech Tools!

Does the cost of apps put you off from incorporating tech in your sessions even when you feel it will provide value to your sessions? Well, it shouldn’t! In fact, from an accessibility point of view, introducing free resources in sessions…