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Your voice is one of your most powerful tools as a music therapist. Maintaining its health and enhancing its capabilities is crucial for sustainability and longevity in this field. Unfortunately, vocal injury is a prevalent issue for music therapists, as our jobs often demand high vocal use and many music therapists have minimal or limited vocal training. This class is designed for music therapists who are concerned about maintaining good vocal health, as well as those who are interested in training their voices for greater therapeutic impact. We will explore the anatomy of the vocal mechanism and highlight common vocal health issues and their causes. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in stretches and exercises specific to vocal health and training, including laryngeal massage, SOVT warm-ups with a straw, and vocal exercises. Strategies will be discussed amongst attendees for maintaining vocal health in daily life, including hydration, diet, vocal rest, and stress management. It will conclude by emphasizing the role of professional guidance from voice coaches, speech therapists, and vocal health specialists.

By joining us in this class, you will walk away with:
  • 4 effective ways to help your voice recover from illness, fatigue, and injury
  • 8 unique vocal warm-ups to use right before starting your session
  • A renewed sense of motivation in adopting new vocal health habits by exercising vocal mindfulness with our Music Therapy community
  • A deep understanding of vocal anatomy so that your physical & emotional self-awareness is heightened and more sensitive
  • A vocal exercise routine that will help you sing in a healthier, and more authentic and natural way while building confidence in your voice

Full course description

This course is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 8 CMTEs.

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About the Instructor

Laura Seipert, MT-BC

Laura Seipert, MT-BC

Laura runs The Mindful Voice Podcast. Check it out on Spotify or Apple!

Laura Berg Seipert, MT-BC is a Utah State University Alumna, where she received her Bachelor’s in Music Therapy. She was a music therapy intern at the University Hospitals in Cleveland, OH and worked closely with the Oncology Outpatient Unit. Laura’s career then took her to Naples, Florida where she worked as a music therapist for Avow Hospice for four years. In 2020, Laura started The Mindful Voice Teacher – an online and in-person music studio which provides therapy-centered voice and guitar lessons to individuals hoping to build more confidence and self-esteem and learn sustainable coping strategies for mental health struggles. This quickly expanded into also providing resources and education that help music educators more confidently address mental health struggles that come up in lessons with students. As part of this mission, Laura hosts “The Mindful Voice Teacher Podcast.” Laura became certified as a voice teacher in the Your True Voice program under the tutelage of Debra Bonner, and now teaches other music therapists vocal health and technique through online group and one-on-one lessons. Laura also enjoys contracting with Mundi Project, a non-profit organization that provides music education, to provide an intergenerational music therapy group at Neighborhood House in Salt Lake City, UT.

Laura loves using her extensive background in the voice and music therapy to inspire change, growth, and healing in the lives of the people she comes in contact with.

Kind Words

“After losing my voice, training with Laura has given me the tools to help me to recover and sing in a way that is sustainable. Because Laura is experienced as a music therapist, she understands the unique demands which are placed on my voice and helps me to navigate through challenging repertoire. Her exercises and approach to teaching have helped me to gain confidence in my singing again. Laura has helped me to increase my authenticity in vocally delivering a variety of genres and styles. I highly recommend her program to music therapists who want to grow in confidence with their vocal skills, as well as those who want to ensure that they are singing in a healthy and sustainable way.”

Jillian Lurlano, MT-BC
Hospice Music Therapist

“I feel like Laura knew how to diagnose my current struggles in singing and had great exercises to address the problem. I’ve been working with her for a couple of months and it has been helpful. I sang 14 hours in 3 gigs last weekend and after listening back to the performances I can say I was happy with the overall consistency and quality of my voice. I feel like I’ve tapped into some ease around singing that I have been wanting and Laura has been a great support in the process.”

Sammy Pond
Lead Singer of the band Summer Bloom

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CBMT Relationship: Vocal Health for Music Therapists with Laura Seipert, MT-BC is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 8 Continuing Music Therapy Education credits. Sound Health Music, Approved Provider #P-110, maintains responsibility for program quality and adherence to CBMT policies and criteria. Please view the required CBMT information.