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Sit down with 8 clinic owners across the United States, and learn about their stories, struggles, hardships, achievements, and ultimate successes in opening their dream clinics.

You will benefit from hands-on video tours, intimate conversations, and financial discussions. All the while, you’ll be guided with step-by-step worksheets to help you make the right decisions about a clinic space.

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This course is approved by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) for 8 CMTEs.

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About the Instructor

Darcy Lipscomb, MT-BC

Darcy Lipscomb is a board-certified music therapist and owner of Noteable Progressions, an organization dedicated to providing music therapy services to children and adults of all ages in educational, medical, and community based programs throughout central Maryland and surrounding areas. Darcy believes that every person has the right to experience a top-quality life and make meaningful connections, and it is her passion to use music to create those opportunities. Darcy received her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. She went on to provide home-based music therapy services for children and adults with disabilities in Phoenix, AZ and developed a music therapy program for a retirement community in Frederick, MD before launching Noteable Progressions Music Therapy Services in July 2011. By May 2012, Darcy was able to quit her “corporate” job and take on Noteable Progressions full-time. In the back of her mind, she dreamt of a having a clinic space – someday. In 2013, that became a reality. She renovated a space and began seeing clients there in June 2013. Since then, Darcy has begun to build a team of therapists to serve the clients of Noteable Progressions. She has also coached other therapists who are building private practices.

Kind Words

“I contacted Darcy in November to discuss the private practice that I started upon relocating back home to SC. She provided great suggestions and ideas for me to implement with growing community partnerships and networking with local clinicians. I am grateful for her generosity in sharing business development tips and pointers!”

Gretchen Chardos Benner, MSW, MT-BC

“I would recommend this course even to those who are not currently operating an MT business. This is something I myself have considered for years. You never know when starting a private practice or setting up a clinic might be the right decision for you and your family. Thanks for another great course, Music Therapy Ed!

Kellee Hansen, MT-BC

“This is information EVERY music therapy business owner needs to know! This course definitely helped me narrow my focus and vision for my own future private practice clinic space, and helped me feel much more confident in knowing what to look for in a clinic space. The interviews were very inspiring and chock full of great advice and information!”

Sarah Winkler, MT-BC

“This course course gave me the courage to take a leap of faith!”

Elyse Kochmanski, MT-BC

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