A NEW Service Just For Teams!

Imagine getting together with your coworkers for some fun, good food, and creative, meaningful experiences together…

Now imagine earning CMTEs at the same time. Fun, memorable, AND productive? Totally possible!

We would be honored to help you and your team customize your retreat experience to:

🤝 Create special team bonding moments you’ll remember forever

⌛ Make the most of your time together

💭 Come back to work with a million fresh ideas

📚 Earn continuing education units

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  1. Hi Ma Kat Fulton,This is Eric Zapanta from The Philippines.Honestly the music therapy course/and services here are not yet as popular.I am now doing regular Fb Live,sessionlive by promoting the goodness of Music therapy,i am willing to talk to you virtually if you have the luxury of time,(let me know)
    Yours Truly,


    • Eric – it was so lovely to chat with you the other day. The future is bright for music therapy in the Philippines, and I’m so excited to continue to support your work! Kat

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