2013 Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference

Hello drum circle facilitators and music therapists alike!

What an amazing weekend in NoCal. I’m blown away, rejuvenated, and soooooo grounded after making music with you all! You can click here to grab the Social Media Conversation Starters specific to our industry. Use these to spark up conversations with your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. The more conversations you start, the more trust and rapport you build with your tribe.

I’ve used the conversation starters to grow my two Facebook communities: Sound Health Music (1,700 fans) and Music Therapy Ed (800 fans), my Twitter following (1,700 followers), and my YouTube channel subscribers (150 subscribers).

But MOST of all, I’ve used social media to convert fans into customers by developing deep trust via consistent encouragement, motivation, and uplifting messages. To me, that’s what heart-based, authentic marketing is all about. And guess what… it WORKS! =)

My conversion rate on this site is 250 paying customers per 1,300 email subscribers.

Not too shabby!

Here’s a pdf version of my Powerpoint presentation.

Enjoy and see you here in cyber-space =) Kat

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