[FREE TOOL] Does This Count For CMTEs?

Have you ever completed a required training at work, written a song for a client, taken CPR training, or written an essay for a project, and thought “Can I count this for CMTEs?”

STOP IN YOUR TRACKS, and fill out this easy form to find out! We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can spend more time serving your clients and making music!


  1. can I stop and start videos/courses that I am enrolled in? I could not with the ASL masterclass. I am not a VIP member but would be very interested if I can start and stop videos.

    • Hey Misty! Yes you absolutely can. The ASL class was unique but all of our other courses are definitely available for start and stop at your leisure! The ASL course is the only one that works that way and you’re reminding me too ask my team to convert it to the normal start and stop videos!

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