This Easy Guitar Hack Will Help You Sound Even More AMAZING

Our instructor Ryan Judd makes playing the guitar look so easy. In this video he teaches you a very simple A-chord hack that will add color and texture to your typical 3-chord progression.

Ryan is such a rockstar that he also hit the studio to record this great lullaby album. I love it, and think you will too!

Ryan Judd's Lullaby Album

If the goal is to motivate, inspire, and be present with our clients . . .

Then does improving our musical skills enable us to be better therapists?

We believe absolutely YES. Sign up for Ryan’s Guitar Skills Course – I highly recommend it. It’s one of our Best-Sellers!

Here’s what Amanda Burchfiel, MS, MT-BC says about his course:

Would I recommend this course to others? Yes, absolutely! It has challenged me past my comfort zone but provided enough guidelines and support to make sure I’m successful! This class really made me feel like a rock star! I wrote a new song, which I haven’t done in a while, and felt so confident that I was immediately able to share it with friends!


What are YOUR favorite easy guitar tricks, tips, and hacks? Leave a comment below —

Be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat


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