Is A More Inclusive Future Possible?

If more clinicians start feeling like leaders in healthcare, then we’re going in the right direction. And having this information will help you feel like the leader you are.

What do YOU see in the future in terms of human rights? What about human rights within our field? What if we could imagine the people we serve (often people with disabilities) as our colleagues more than our clients? Watch the vid and drop a comment below with your vision of the future!

If you’d like to REALLY dig in to the future of ethics in our field, then check out Dr. Natasha Thomas’s Ethics & Human Rights course. It fulfills the ethics requirement! Here’s what’s included:

  • You’ll learn a 5-point framework for exploring ethics & human rights so that as you encounter ethical dilemmas you’ll feel confident moving forward.
  • You’ll have access to the supportive forum where all your questions get answered.
  • You’ll be a witness to deep exploration of how our cultural background impacts the service to our clients, so that your clients may feel even more honored and understood.

Join us in the course today!

Natasha Thomas, MS, MT-BC music therapy ethics

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