Free April Session Idea! Little April Showers

Drip, Drip, Drop Little April Showers….. a fun session idea to engage your client(s) in a variety of ways. From instrument play to potential songwriting, this song can be adapted to suit many different areas of need.


  1. Learn the song
    • Lead sheet included in downloadable materials
  2. Use the song for instrument play/improvisation
    • Sing through one verse of the song at a time
    • Prompt client(s) to play instruments at the end of each verse
    • Ideas for dividing the group:
      • everyone plays after the end of each verse
      • Split the group into two smaller groups and group 1 plays after verse one and group 2 after verse two.
      • Split individuals by instrument choice- i.e. drums play after verse 1 and shakers play after verse 2.
  3. Use the song with colorful images 
    • Print out/write the lyrics on a large piece of paper in a large font and print/cut out images
      • This adaptation can also be easily used for telehealth by sharing your screen with the words and images
      • Images are included by clicking the blue button to the left
    • Sing through the song once to introduce the song to your client(s)
    • Sing through the song again, pausing after each line in the song and work together to place the pictures with the correct words in the song
      • You can discuss what the pictures are first and recall what was sung in the song or sing the song again if they can’t remember the word that went in a certain line.
    • Lyric lines and images match up as follows:
      • Drops of water image for lines 1 and 3
      • Drum image for line 2
      • Children listening image for line 4
      • Cloudy image for lines 5 and 7
      • Sun image for line 6
      • Music image for line 8
  4. Use the song for Songwriting 
    • Inroduce the song by singing through the first verse
    • Utilize the melody and have client(s) create their own verse:
      • You can write a verse prior to the beginning of the session and leave blank spaces for clients to fill in
      • Allow client(s) to completely write their own words for an entire verse if they are able.

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