Free February Session Idea! More Love For Mommy Sign Song

A sweet song to work on sign language for younger children! These signs are great for helping parents/caregivers communicate more efficiently with their kiddos.


  1. Make sure you have knowledge of all of the signs that you want to use in the song.
    • Download and practice using the handouts with useable signs and lead sheets included below!
  2. Demonstrate signs for clients as appropriate before singing
  3. Begin singing the song with your clients
    • Slow tempo at first & emphasize signs if needed
  4. You may choose to leave visuals with a caregiver if applicable to further learning outside of sessions.
  5. Adaptation:
    • Simplify the sign language by focusing on specific signs such as “more” and leaving out the signs like “eat” and “drink”  as explained in the video.

Video Demo

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