Free June Session Idea! Join us for June in the Jungle with Jungle Animals!

A jungle song to get your clients movin and groovin while also singing along with a variety of animals!


  1. Introduce the descending baseline
    • Same as Hit the Road Jack
    • Make sure to pass out any props you want to utilize such as animal puppets, instruments for sound effects, etc.
    • Printable animal cards are included in the downloads as well
    • Props can be utilized by yourself, clients or even caregivers/parents
  2. Add the lyrics of the song, after you sing through it once or twice, you may want to prompt the clients to sing along with you
    • If needed, sing the same animal a few times until clients catch on to the lyrics
  3. Have the clients tell you what movement goes with each animal and then perform that movement for the verse
    • You can also add in animal sound effects as well
  4. Utilize the song to include prompts for redirecting (in case your clients get too excited or there is too much movement around the room for example)
    • As seen in the video: Play the descending baseline and call “STOP” while stopping the guitar, ask everyone to return to a seated circle or get their attention by having them suggest another animal.
  5. Add any other animals you want, inviting clients to give suggestions if appropriate, and sing as many verses as you’d like.

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