Free March Session Idea! March Madness Rhythm Game

This game is fun for many different settings and can easily be adapted to suit different capabilities! We provide a bracket style tournament game and colorful rhythm flashcards that can be used in groups for a fun challenge or adapted for individual.


  1. Introduce rhythm flash cards and teach reading rhythms as necessary
    • At this time you’ll want to pass out instruments: drums, shakers, etc.
      • We suggest using anything percussive without melodic instruments
    • Demonstrate reading and playing rhythms for the client(s) and have them read rhythms together as a group if applicable
  2. Adapt for group or individual
    • Group: Create teams
      • Have teams choose team names and fill out the bracket (there is a downloadable and printable bracket available below!)
      • Each team should receive different rhythms for each round of the tournament
        • For two teams facing off: Have them read the same rhythm to see who plays it correctly or read two different rhythms until someone gets theirs correct and moves forward in the bracket.
      • Ensure that each team moves up the bracket appropriately until there are only two teams remaining
    • Individual: Explain that the game will be seeing how many rhythms they can read correctly and that will be their final score.
      • In each session, they can try again to see if they can raise their overall score
  3. Winner(s) can earn a prize:
    • Choose a song to sing next in the session
    • Choose the next session experience
    • Have something small they can win such as a piece of candy, a winner’s certificate, etc. depending on what would be appropriate for your client(s)


  • Use Canva or similar image editing program to create your own rhythms or song cards to add variety
  • Try this with telehealth! You can display the rhythm cards via screen sharing

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