Free May Session Idea! Mandalorian Flute Song

Do you have clients who love Star Wars or the Mandalorian? Check out this video of our team member Beth playing the Mandalorian song on her bass recorder but it can be played on any size recorder.


  1. Learn to play the song on a recorder
  2. Teach clients to play:
    • If you have enough recorders for your whole session either 1:1 or for a group, you can teach your clients to play the song
  3. Utilize the song for instrument play:
    • If you do not have enough recorders for the entire session or playing the recorded would not suit your clients needs, you can play the song on the recorded while you prompt clients to engage in instrument play.
    • Options for instrument play:
      • Encourage clients to match the rhythmic patterns with their instruments
      • Prompt clients to match dynamics and play dynamic shifts dramatically to emphasize them
      • Free play, allow clients space to be creative with how they play along to the song
  4. Utilize the song for movement:
    • Clients can engage in movement to the song while you play.
    • Options for movement experiences:
      • Encourage clients to follow rhythmic patterns with their movement
      • Have clients pair off or move in groups and make a game out of it, they can take turns doing different dance moves, turns determined by quick pauses in song.
      • Free dance, allow clients space to be creative with their movements along to the song

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