Free October Session Idea: Turn! Turn! Turn!

Celebrate the turning of seasons with a visual songwriting experience that explores growth, change, and transitions.


1) Introduce the song and songwriting prompt.

  • Pass out the leaf cutouts and lyric sheets.
  • Display the prompt picture and tree printout.
  • Explain experience and give instructions as appropriate for your client(s).
  • Listen to the recording of the song together.
  • Explain to clients that this songwriting experience explore transitions– going from one thing to the opposite: just like summer transitioning to winter!

 2) Begin writing

  • Prompt clients to write out opposites/transitions on their leaves. You can display an example that is appropriate, such as “Play” on a green leaf and “Work” on an orange leaf.

3) Add Words to Lyrics & Visual

  • Place the green and orange leave on opposite sides of the tree, and take a moment to discuss and validate each other’s offerings.
  • Write the words into the blanks on the lyric, with each pair on their own line in the verse.
  • Sing the chorus and rewritten verse together.
  • Discuss! Facilitate a conversation focused on transitions, change, and growth. What does that mean to your clients? How do we get from one season to another in our lives? Do you prefer gradual or sudden changes? How does change make you feel?

Adaptation Ideas:

  • For cognitive goals: pre-write matching pairs on leaves, and have your clients match them up. You can use the original lyrics or write your own
  • Take the song literally: do a rewrite based on the changing season in your geographical area. How do the clothes change? The weather? The activities? Nature? Holidays? Foods?
  • Add in instrument play: a tambourine is right at home here!
  • For groups: divide the group in half and have them go back and forth singing phrases

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