Free September Session Idea! Dance Through September with us!

Dance through September with your clients with this fun take on “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire! The month can easily be replaced to be used in other times of the year and this experience is easily adaptable for different settings.


  1. Introduce the song
    • Youtube video of the original song included below for learning or listening purposes
    • Mp3 below: recorded example version of song rewrite utilized in music therapy sessions
  2. Explain to your client(s) that there will be movement cues given in the song
    • You may choose to just begin singing and use musical prompting rather than explaining before hand if appropriate for your client(s)
  3. Begin singing!
    • Prompt client(s) to sing along once they catch on to the song
    • Prompt client(s) to dance if necessary
    • You can also ask client(s) to give suggestions on movements to put into the song
    • Add in some time in between verses where you or client(s) can vocally improvise to the song
  4. Repeat as many times and with as many different types of movements as appropriate for your session
  5. Adaptation Ideas:
    • Try instrument playing instead of dance movement: “Do you remember playing in September”
    • Turn taking with vocal improvisation– this song has lots of opportunity for playful expression!
    • Have clients pair off work together to incorporate a more social goal
    • Try rewriting with other months/special dates in your clients’ lives.
    • Incorporate discussion with these prompt ideas:
      • What memories do you have about September? What usually happened around that time of year for you?
      • Do you know the band that performed this song? Share some facts about Earth, Wind, and Fire. “Earth, Wind & Fire is an American band who have spanned the musical genres of jazz, R&B, soul, funk, disco, pop, EDM, Latin, and Afro pop. They have been described as one of the most innovative and are among the most commercially successful acts in history.”
      • What do you like best musically in the song? Rhythm, instrumentation, vocals, lyrics, etc.


  1. Hi Kat & Team. You are doing an incredibly great job of providing these resources. I bless God for y’all. How can I get the Monthly Spark backlogs for the past months? How can I get (free or paid for) MT Session Plans?

    I’m a KU graduate and live back in my home country of Trinidad & Tobago (Caribbean). Been out of MT practice for a few years but am jumping right back in. So, I’ve been following MTE for a while now and hope that you can help me with the resources that I need. Thanks. God bless!!

    • Hey Kirk! so glad you found us, and thanks for the sweet blessing and kind words! We have a Project Campfire Membership at a very reasonable monthly rate, and you can have access to hundreds of session ideas to spark your work up again!

      Welcome back to the field, and sounds like you are doing amazing things in Trinidad & Tobago!!!

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