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If you’re planning to add heartbeat recordings to your clinical practice, the big question is… which stethoscope do I use?? How do you even begin to choose??!

In this handy guide, we walk you through comparing the most popular stethoscope options, share ideas on clinical applications, and link to tutorials so you can make informed decisions for your work (+ learn how to save up to $200 on the top stethoscope models!)

When you grab the guide below, you’ll also get a quick tutorial video from Brian Schreck, MA, MT-BC on how to make your own digital stethoscope for under $20!


  1. I took Brian’s CMTE on heartbeat recording and it’s changed my clinical practice in hospice. Legacy work is so important and just this past week I facilitated 4 recordings for my patients. All unique and personalized given their music preference and the actual recording sample that was captured. Thanks Brian!

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