How to Claim Free CMTEs

Claiming Mindstorms, webinars, and live broadcasts for CMTE credits is easy. Here are your steps:

  1. Watch a broadcast.
  2. Log in to CBMT and tap “Application for Recertification – Enter CMTEs​”
  3. Choose “Workshops / Courses / Conferences / Independent Learning.”
  4. Select “Other Continuing Education Opportunities” from the drop down menu
  5. Enter the completion date, title of the broadcast, duration in minutes, Music Therapy Ed as location, and whether or not the broadcast was related to Ethics. You can list these one at a time, with 1 CMTE designated per broadcast if applicable (50 minutes = 1 CMTE)

CBMT does not require documentation unless you are chosen for audit. Therefore, we provide proof of attendance only in the case you are chosen for audit.

If you are chosen for audit, we can provide you with proof of attendance at the event. This is available upon request at (please include the month viewed, title, presenter(s), and name you would like displayed on the certificate).

Log into your CBMT dashboard and click the “Application for Recertification – Enter CMTEs” link.
In the sidebar, click the “Workshops / Courses / Conferences / Independent Learning” link.
When selecting learning experience, pick the “Other Continuing Education Opportunities” option.