An Easy Resource To Increase Your Human Rights Awareness

I asked Natasha Thomas, PhD, MT-BC, to share a simple resource on how to increase human rights awareness. The website she shares is so valuable! It’s the fastest tool to explore how you interact with the world in relation to your power.

About the Power Cube 

When you visit the Power Cube, you can see a diagram and click on different sides. With each side, determine where you may have more or less power in certain aspects of your life. She encourages us to start thinking about the ways in which we move through the world. Discover where you have the strongest voice. Where can you tap into your strength and be the strongest agent for change that you can be?

Watch the video below and visit the Power Cube.

If you’d like to REALLY dig in to the future of ethics in our field, then check out Dr. Natasha Thomas’s Ethics & Human Rights course. It fulfills the ethics requirement! Here’s what’s you’ll take away:

  • Learn a 5-point framework for exploring ethics & human rights so that as you encounter ethical dilemmas you’ll feel confident moving forward.
  • Get access to the supportive forum where all your questions get answered.
  • Be a witness to deep exploration of how our cultural background impacts the service to our clients, so that your clients may feel even more honored and understood.

Join us in the course today!

Music Therapy Ethics


    • Hi Alex – Music Therapy in the US might differ from the practice in India. Here we require board-certification to practice music therapy. In order to achieve board-certification, one must attend an AMTA-approved university or college, successfully complete a 6-month internship, and then sit for the board certification examination. More information can be found at Does that help? Thanks for inquiring!

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