Alicia Hubbard, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist who has been running her own music therapy practice, Maple City Music Therapy, since 2017. She graduated from Nazareth College (soon to be University) in 2014. She completed her internship at Monroe No. 1 BOCES in Fairport, NY. From there, she moved to Hornell, NY with her fiancé. Unsure of what her future would hold within an area with no music therapy, Alicia began working at a LTC facility. After a year, she decided she would take a business owner route. She researched and talked with many people about this to learn what she could and gain any resources about this route. She officially started her practice in 2017 and within a year was what she considered “full-time”. Alicia has not only maintained that for herself but is now in the hiring stages. She has helped many jump-start their private practices too especially within rural areas. The growth of this is something near and dear to Alicia’s heart as she saw the need in these communities and the struggle that they face to get services.