Instrument Recommendations From The MTE Team

No matter how you practice, where you work, or who you serve, instruments are your sidekicks. From your faithful guitar to your favorite set of shakers, the tools of the trade take music from your hands into the lives of your clients. But what’s the best way to find and collect those instruments? Glad you asked! Turns out that our Professional Success Community are the experts (no surprise!) when it comes to finding unique, quality instruments. Here are the MTE team’s tried-and-true instrument recommendations for you:

  • Kat’s #1 suggestion is to come to conferences! The vendors there are ready to hook you up with any instrument you can dream of. This includes Remo drums to unique metal egg shakers to those gorgeous Native American flutes.
  • Brandy loves to find the perfect adaptive instruments for her clients. For example, the lightweight bamboo tambourine she snagged from Musician’s Friend is a favorite. Plus she got lucky with wrist jingle bells from Bear Paw Creek.
  • Beth is a faithful fan of West Music and Remo Drums. Some of her favorite finds at conference were these rubber-tipped drumsticks that are safe (and quiet). You can use them on any drumhead! And she’s keen on the sensory-friendly, synthetic rainstick from Nino that her clients love.

That’s just the beginning! HAPI drums, song pods, crazy adaptive picks, desk bells, favorite vendors, unique finds — all amazing recommendations and resources from YOU, the leaders in healthcare! Join us in the Professional Success Forum on Facebook for great chats and brainstorming sessions. We recently jammed on this video about building your instrument collection. Or start the conversation yourself by dropping a question. Over 2,700 of us are in there to support and empower you!

Join us in the World Rhythm 101 Course with Dave Holland!

If you’d like to REALLY dig into a variety of instruments, then check out Dave Holland’s World Rhythm 101 course. When you enroll in the World Rhythm 101 course, you will:

  • Learn 10+ practical, easy, culturally-specific rhythm patterns to (1) take your clients to the next level and (2) demonstrate a high level of musicianship!
  • Be able to turn skeptics into a captivated audience the next time your expertise as a music therapist comes in question.
  • Walk into your sessions feeling empowered and knowledgeable because of your ability to use your tools as the channel for your clients’ upward progress.
  • Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with this new knowledge and curiosity about your instruments! This course will whet your appetite in a way that gives you more energy and fulfillment during your work days.
  • Have access to a World Percussion glossary, which will give you the confidence to share some cultural history of your instruments.
  • Create a music-filled, enriching experience with your clients that will produce good memories and positive feelings.

See you in the course!

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