Introducing Beth Hardy, SCMT, MT-BC

Check out Heart Tones Doula and meet Beth Hardy, SCMT, MT-BC! She is an expert at using music therapy interventions at the bookends of life: childbirth and end-of-life.

In this Mindstorm Monthly, Beth shares specific techniques that she uses to assist her clients as they bring life into the world, and during end-of-life. If you’ve ever thought about using music to assist childbirth or becoming a hospice music therapist, you won’t want to miss out on Beth’s expertise! Register below:
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Beth Hardy, SCMT, MT-BC

Hope to see you at our next Mindstorm Monthly! Until then, be well, feel good, and make MUSIC! Kat

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  1. Beth Hardy –
    I saw your segment on Channel 13 yesterday & was taken by the beautiful sounds of the drum you showed. I was wondering if you would tell me where I could purchase one of those drums.? Thank you

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