Get your groove on with MIDI!

Happy July!

You will definitely want to STAY TUNED to the Tuesday Shout-Out in the next few weeks. Let’s just say that it involves freebies (yes, FREEBIES!) that will set your professional life ON FIRE!

Speaking of freebies, are you ready to put on your techie hat and create some music with MIDI? We have a free video for you!!

This week, Lauren Bevilacqua, MT-BC (our esteemed Piano Improvisation course instructor) leads you through the ins and outs of exploring MIDI.

Have you experimented with MIDI before? Have a great idea for a music therapy intervention using MIDI? We’d love to hear more! Please share your ideas with your fellow Music Therapists.

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy,

Julie A. Palmieri, MM, MT-BC
Community Manager,

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