HIPAA Compliance with Roy Huggins, LPC

Roy Huggins, LPC NCC, is a counselor in private practice who also directs Person-Centered Tech. Roy worked as a professional Web developer for 7 years before changing paths, and makes it his mission to grow clinicians’ understanding of the Internet and other electronic communications mediums for the future of our practices and our professions.

Roy writes prolifically about technology in mental health practice and he offers a huge archive of free, depthful articles on the Person-Centered Tech website. To read those articles and get started on using tech in effective and safe ways for your clients, head on over to Person Centered Tech!

If you’ve ever wondered how to safely use technology in your work, Roy Huggins, LPC NCC has the answers for you. Roy is the owner of Person Centered Tech, and is excited to share his expertise to help ensure that YOUR practice is always HIPAA compliant. Regardless if you’re a business owner, you work for an organization, or if you’re an intern or a student — if you use technology during your workday, Roy shares some great information for you.

Get your copy of the handout that Roy shares in his presentation by clicking here.

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