Program Development, From Ground Up with Amy Love, MA, MT-BC

Learn how to differentiate yourself in the job market and start a program at a children’s hospital!

Introducing Amy Love, MT-BC — the amazing music therapist creating a program from scratch at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Amy received her Bachelors in Music from the University of Dayton in 2012 and completed her internship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. Currently, she is attending St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, pursuing a Masters of Arts in Music Therapy. During her internship, she discovered a profound passion for engaging pediatric patients in music. In her current position she serves as music therapy coordinator, developing initial music programming for pediatric patients with rare and acute diagnoses from around the world.

Amy will walk us through the entire process of creating a brand new music therapy program – from presenting a program proposal to implementing your services and everything in between. Amy created her dream job; now, join us for tools and tips to help you realize your dream.

During the webinar, here were some helpful comments + resources:

My takeaways: always have that program proposal in your back pocket…update it like a resume. If I’m ever going to teach, having a program proposal as an assignment would be a VERY valuable learning tool and asset.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Amy. My takeaway is to really consider the needs of the facility that your proposing the program too and their clientele. Also to be flexible with the proposal changing when you actually start the program.

Kara Caine
Thank you Amy and Kaleigh! And thanks for all the thoughtful questions from the attendees! My takeaway is to work on a program proposal sooner rather than later 

Thank you Amy! you are inspiring! Can’t wait to see your program change the world!

I am also starting a new music therapy program with a new hospice company and my biggest takeaway will most likely be making sure the staff knows music therapy!!!

Melissa Stockwell
I am really looking forward to expanding the MT program at my place of employment, and I am taking away some very beneficial information to use in doing so. Thank you and best of luck in your future!

Melanie Brison
Thank you so much, Amy!!! Wonderful tips. Love the proposal components, budget info, referral and documentation description, and interview tips! You are an inspiration, Amy! Continue being fearless!!!

Takeaway: Amy did the work, did the research, and made it happen! GO GIRL!!! #MAMT2015

Natalie B.
IAs a current intern, I’m working on putting together my first-ever program proposal. Thanks so much for the advice!

Love your passion Amy! St Jude is very lucky to have you!

@ Ami, good idea! Supervision and coaching is so important and valueable. We have to value one another to provide value to the profession!

Thank you! This was amazing!!


Maybe Amy could offer coaching or consulting services for those interested in her time!

There are several program proposal guidelines/outlines online as well.

Thank you Amy for all the great info!!!!!

Thank you for always bringing it back to the needs of the patients!

This is such valuable info. Thank you Amy!!

I’m a music therapy intern at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Frozen is definitely still hip!!

Anastasia Haprov
as for new instruments saw Drum Pants on Shark tank last night… hope they develop the product, looks great for sensory needs

There are settings in Indiana such as Riley Children’s hospital and Lutheran’s Pediatric Hospital that could be presented with a proposal such as yours.

Here is the article about Brian’s work at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital:

roxanne C.
Is anyone looking to work an a MT at a Pysch hospiltal in Covina CA? Aurora Charte oak Hospital might hire another MT.

@Brittany – she interned at Nationwide Children’s hospital in columbus, OH

What made Amy stand out: Bring a proposal, Talk THEIR language, Understand what they need and articulate how MT helps , Bring a ukelele. Very smart and savvy, Amy!

Brenna Chapman
I always questioned whether to bring an instrument! Thanks for mentioning that

@Katrina – Check AMTA’s sourcebook

YES! INDEED! Both of my MT jobs I’ve had since internship I found on Indeed!

So smart to incorporate patient satisfaction scores into the proposals!! Hadn’t even thought of that! Go AMY! 

bringing a PROPOSAL to an interview is NOT common, so YES – congrats my friend Amy!!!

Heyy  tuning in from Lebanon, this is my first webinar and super excited  Good luck Amy!

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