Music Therapists Wear Many Different Hats

2014’s theme for Social Media Advocacy Month is “We are…” All month long, music therapy bloggers and podcasters shared their thoughts on why music therapy is a distinct and unique profession. You can view and listen to other fabulous, mind-bending, and insightful blogs and podcasts here.

We wanted to ask you about the different hats you wear as a music therapist. More specifically, we wanted to ask YOU about your traits and and how you identify yourself. Here is what you said —

In one or two words, what trait do music therapists have that sets them apart from other healthcare professionals?


Besides being a music therapist, how else do you identify yourself?

Music educator, teacher, rhythm instigator, drum circle facilitator, church musician, parent, spouse, partner, chief executive officer, coach, leader, business owner?


We are always so floored by your thoughts and insights via our social media accounts, and this time was no exception! Do you have any other #MTAdvocacy ideas to share? Leave your ideas below in a comment.

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy!

The Music Therapy Ed Team

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