Need Some #Inspo? Follow These Five MTs

You keep up with your favorite home renovation blogs, pin recipes and outfit ideas, retweet mover-and-shakers, and like your best friend’s pictures of her adorable dog; do you have room for a little professional development in your online life? Social media keeps us connected and informed – and it can be a music therapist’s best friend when it comes to inspiration and self-care! Whether you are looking for session ideas, business resources, fresh perspectives, or simply a community of colleagues to keep you going, these accounts and blogs are worth the add:

1.  Music Therapy Time with Erin Seibert, MA, MT-BC  

Session ideas, thought-provoking articles, resources, and a stunning TedEx talk—this site has it all. Bringing her perspective from her work in mental health, Erin Seibert’s thoughtful writing will inspire you. Best of all? Each post is the perfect length for reading in-between sessions and tells you about how long it will take to read. Follow her to add some fresh perspective to your day!  

2. Bonnie Houpt, MT-BC | @rhythmicrootsmusicservices

Grab your free monthly session plans from Bonnie! Perfect if you work in the ID/DD setting. Bonnie approaches her work with empathy and love. We are one of her biggest fans!

3. Alyssa Stone, MT-BC | @dynamiclynks

Need some kid-time ideas? Alyssa has been working her insta for a *long* time. You’ll get to scroll through dozens of ideas, and tools of the trade! Follow her and give her some high fives. She’s doing beautiful work.

4. Listen and Learn Music with Rachel Rambach, MM, MT-BC | @listenlearnmusic 

Do you work with children? Do you want to know how to turn “Havana” into a song about fruit? (of course you do!) Then you MUST follow Rachel Rambach! Her instagram is overflowing with amazing ideas and original songs to use with your kiddos. It also links to her blog, which will nurture you in your work and life as a music therapist working with this population. Spoiler alert: Rachel also teaches our DIY Songwriting and Recording course! Be ready to conquer Garageband when you take this course.

5. NPO Music with Nilsa Pozo | @npomusic 

Therapist, performer, business owner—music therapist Nilsa Pozo knows what it’s like to live the balancing act of the multifaceted creative life. She has crafted a window into her professional life and shares her perspective with unique resources and a welcoming vibe. Follow her for an up-and-coming take on the MT journey! 

Keep scrolling down – we’ve got more community-joining opportunities for you!

Be Part Of Our Community!

Being stuck in a rut and feeling isolated will burn anyone out fast; building a strong community online of colleagues who inspire you in a great way to combat both. That’s why we here at Music Therapy Ed have started using the hashtag #musictherapyedlove to highlight the MTs that inspire us! Follow us @musictherapyed on Instagram for a fresh infusion of support and ideas with every scroll.  

Looking for a group to join that will build you up? Come hang out with your mentors and peers (all 2,600+ of us!) in the Professional Success Forum! You’ll find intervention ideas, powerful discussions, and a network of MTs for every population and experience level from student to seasoned pro. Join us! 

That’s all we got for community builders today. Most of all, we want you to know that you’re a leader in healthcare. We welcome you to join us, ask questions, contribute to the group, and keep doing the inspiring work with your clients. Be well!

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