Music Therapy With The Deaf And Blind

Hello fellow music therapist!

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This Week’s Shout-Out

Can’t wait to see her intro video? Watch it now!

You might know Dr. Natasha Thomas, MT-BC, from her popular blog Music Moves, where she writes about music therapy within Deaf culture, “seeing” music differently, and even incorporating her bellydancing talents with her clients in North Dakota.

Her course materials are incredibly humbling. Discussion of all the pertinent terminology, tons of sign language demonstrations, steps for building a program from ground-up, communication with the interdisciplinary team, and sensitivities of this population are thoroughly covered.

That’s why the course is 5 CMTEs, instead of our typical 3. You will walk away from this course confidently, with knowledge far beyond the fundamentals.

Visit the courses page to watch Natasha’s course preview (where she SIGNS her introduction!), just to get a glimpse into the depth of her expertise.

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