New music therapy book on the market!

Book by Jennifer Hezoucky - Life is musical

Hello there to the leaders in healthcare! I hope you took a glance at our Top 5 for Music Therapy in 2015 post for #MTAdvocacy month. It is such an exciting time to be a music therapist with so many wonderful things happening in our field!

Speaking of wonderful things happening, our good friend and member Jennifer Hezoucky has published a new book entitled Life is Musical: How to bond with your special needs child through music.

Jennifer has an incredible story. Although she finished her internship years ago, it wasn’t until recently that she went all-in pursuing her career. You’ll have to ask her details.

I highly recommend reading her book. I believe that all books in the area of music & healthcare should be on our shelf. We’re working on filling up the library at our  San Diego music therapy clinic ourselves . . .

What books are YOU reading lately? What are your current recommendations?

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