How do you nurture your creativity?

Self-care is a buzz word in our field, and for good reason! I’m so thankful to see self-care strategies on various blogs, at conferences, and on social media. The world can always use more happy, healthy, mindful music therapists who take self-care seriously.

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And usually, “wellness” is broken down into these categories: physical, emotional, social, cognitive, spiritual. What’s missing? For one, creativity. Perhaps we would need a whole new “wellness wheel” to adapt to a new paradigm that includes creativity.

There is someone in our field who has strong opinions about creativity: Briana Priester, creator of The Music Therapy Marketplace. The marketplace was created out of the deep desire to help music therapists take control of their time by relieving some of the pressure that comes from session planning, especially since so much of it is done over breaks, weekends, and evenings.

How is that for a powerful statement? Can you relate?

We are lucky to have Briana share her creative genius! In this Mindstorm Monday, you’ll take away these 4 things:

  1. Why exercising the creativity muscle is essential to living a healthy life
  2. 3 tips on using creativity to curb burnout
  3. How to save time with a new resource available to the MT community
  4. How to mash-up your creativity with modern technology

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