Do You Work In Pediatrics? Here’s Some Resources!

Do you work with children? How about a general hospital? Perhaps you are currently serving as a pediatric music therapist or, maybe is a goal of yours to become one? Our community offers many resources to help you become a more well-rounded and informed music therapist.

Trainings and certifications can be incorporated into your work to help your clients even more. An example of this is the pediatric massage certification, which our instructor Amy Love, MM, MT-BC holds. Who knew?!  

Press play for a wealth of resources shared by our Pediatric Music Therapy course instructor, Amy Love:

Amy: When I finished my internship at a children’s hospital, I felt super passionate and I knew this was the place that I needed to be. So I think if you’re interested in pediatrics or just the medical field in general, there are so many resources within our community to help you do that. I would suggest things like the NICU training. I found that to be really helpful. Even just working with infants who are premature that aren’t necessarily in a NICU environment. Neurologic music therapy has been really helpful for me, especially with some of my work with kids who really need some rehabilitation. I think also going outside of our field and finding things like I am certified as a pediatric massage therapist and incorporating that into my work and helping parents provide different types of massages to their children while we do music can be really awesome and I’ve really enjoyed incorporating things like that.

I’m also really excited about We’re going to have tons of resources for students and professionals to take care of selves while they do this really intense but meaningful work. But also to connect with one another. So doing things like peer supervision and journal clubs and staying connected, because one of the things that has been hard, I’ve heard from a lot of music therapists, is being in really small programs or being in one person programs in these pediatric environments. So we want to support each other, and I think this is going to be a great resource to do that.

Pediatric Oncology CMTE Course

If you’d like to REALLY dive deep into pediatric oncology, then check out Amy Love’s course on Understanding & Navigating Pediatric Oncology for Music Therapists! 

By taking the course, you will:

  • Discover the impactful role music therapy can play in pediatric oncology
  • Gain confidence and competence in the medical terminology
  • Learn crucial information for navigating the setting such as diagnoses, treatment options, and symptoms
  • Explore your role as both a clinician and member of the patient’s interdisciplinary team
  • Enhance your understanding of current cancer care from various healthcare providers

Join the course TODAY.

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  1. I’v been working as Professional Educator with children and teenagers with family problems. I never had experience as musictherapist with this kind of population, but it could be interesting working in this field as musictherapist from another perspective. I ‘m working as musictherapist in a long care nursing home with not self sufficiency and with Alzheimer’s disease old people and this professional field could be one future perspective though in Italy musictherapists have difficulties working in the hospitals. Only few of them work with the agreement of Hospital director who decides to finance the project. In the north Italy a colleaugue of mine, is working in the premature pediatric clinic and is using MOzart music to increase positive responces of children. Children laying in their protection oxigin box by some music cases they listen to Mozart music.I have also watched a video of this setting at the hospital with the partecipatuon of parents.during the discussion of the thesis of my colleague.

    That is an experience to enrich own professional tools case to carry with us along our carrer

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