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~ Kat Fulton

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Setting Rates can make or break your business

Here’s What People Say About the Calculator

Sarah – I love this calculator! Thanks for this resource, Kat!

Ami – Wow. This is AWESOME. I LOVE being able to calculate in vacation time.

Ellen – It works great! And the rates fit well with what I want to ask. Thanks!

Here’s What People Say About Learning From Me

Bonnie – Business determined by bank account // I am not! #POWERFUL #YES

Sarah – This is such validation for me right now! Definitely helpful!!

Ellen – This is so empowering. It is great to realize that our therapeutic skills are a huge asset to creating a private business.

Amy – my husband is listening in and cooking – I think he’s enjoying this more than me because you mentioned more vacation! Thank you, Kat! Such an innovator!

Cami – love that advice, suggestion. grow from the inside out!!!

Rachelle – The music therapy profession is the BEST most supportive group of professionals I’ve ever known!