Ramp up your guitar skills with Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC!

Greetings, fellow music therapist!

We have been busy at MusicTherapyEd.com, improving our courses and our website, as well as empowering music therapists ALL OVER THE WORLD! We are so full of gratitude that you have joined us on this journey!

We are almost to the end of September, which means a new course release! Ryan Judd is leading us into the world of Guitar Skills 101, and we think you are going to LOVE this course. Time to spice up your guitar playing and get out of the rut of using the same chords/progressions.

If you haven’t heard of Ryan Judd, then please read on…

This Week’s Shout-Out

Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC is an incredible music therapist. A few months ago, he fearlessly released a very high quality product called The Rhythm Tree DVD and Music Package.

Since then, he’s gotten rave reviews. His DVD has even won an award! I’m humbled and grateful to call Ryan my colleague.

His video blog has also gained quite a bit of attention, as it appeals to parents, caregivers, and therapists of kids with special needs. His work is all about advocating, educating, standing up for our clients, showing off the power of music therapy, and honest-to-goodness GREAT WORK.

Needless to say, Ryan’s new course at Music Therapy Ed is a piece of art. Dr. Robert Krout reviewed it and said “Ryan was very positive from the beginning and I believe MT’s will feel encouraged by him as they approach and learn this material. The clinical applications of the skills in the client video examples were also excellent and will allow learners to see how the skills transfer to the clinical environment.”

Course Details

Ryan’s new Guitar Skills course is hands-down spectacular. Sign up for the course for $75, rev up your guitar skills, and receive 3 CMTEs when you are finished!

Sign up here: https://musictherapyed.com/courses

Be well, feel good, and keep rockin’ music therapy,

Kat Fulton, Curator

P.S. Check out Ryan’s recent feature on music therapy in Parenting New Hampshire.

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