Special Offer for Alverno Students!

Consider the immeasurable value of your client’s life. Have you ever facilitated an experience that validated that person’s life in a deep, meaningful way? With legacy creation, every part of the work is based on the individualized needs of each beautiful patient that presents themselves to this work.

The Amplified CardioPulmonary Recording (ACPR) and Legacy Creation class is about learning the basics of recording a patient’s heartbeat and using it in ongoing individualized therapy. It is meant to serve anyone who is interested in using ACPR and recording in their legacy work with their clinical population. ACPR is another form of recording which allows us to connect with the people we are serving and amplify their internal sounds to connect with our external world. It is another sound of humanity and to communicate love.

When you take this class, you will:

  • Learn how to make your own stethoscope microphone
  • Use digital stethoscopes to record a heartbeat, edit it, loop it, and sample it
  • Create rhythms to add to, accompany, and provide a basic beat to a heartbeat
  • Explore songwriting, sound collages, and using the basic rhythm of your patients to connect with music and music therapy
  • Discuss environmental factors, improvisation, and community connections