Ignite Your Spirit with a Power Song

Take a moment and think about feeling powerful. We all have the go-tos that infuse us with their strength– a power pose, a killer pair of shoes, a color, a scent, a special blend of tea. Think about your own: what does power look like to you? What does it feel like? What does it sound like?

Like a power animal, we all have power songs. Songs support us, bring healing, uplift, comfort and teach or remind us of what we need to feel successful and alive. In Music Medicine, power songs represent the music of the heart; melody; the direction of the East; and the element of fire.

What songs ignite your spirit, empower your heart? Download this Power Song Wellness Activity and get inspired as Christine Stevens, MA, MSW, MT-BC shares how she greets the day with one of her power songs:

Power songs are amazing for self-care and nurturing your spirit, and can be a powerful experience for your MT clients as well! Download this Power Song Wellness Activity created by Christine Stevens, MA, MSW, MT-BC and discover ways to bring the healing fire of those powerful songs into your sessions and your clients’ lives.


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