Song-Writing In Music Therapy – SESSION IDEA!

This is a way to dive into songwriting QUICKLY in a way you may never have thought of before. 

Tracy Richardson, PhD, MT-BC, is the Dean of Graduate Therapy & Counseling Programs at St. Mary Of The Woods College. This year she released a book “Who Moved My Cape: Letting Go Of Your Superwoman Expectations,” and we sent a copy to everyone on the Music Therapy Ed team! Songwriting is Tracy’s JAM! Everyone close to her says “she has a healing aura about her.” And we were honored to host her as a featured speaker at the Resilient Practice Conference last week.

Use this song-writing session idea in your practice. Specifically for 2020, this song NAILS IT!

With this experience, Tracy demonstrates two important steps to keep in mind when approaching your clients with songwriting.

  1. Ask yourself “What’s the goal?” We wanted to acknowledge the pain felt during 2020 AND offer a glimmer of hope for the future at our fall conference. Since Tracy knew our goals, she was able to write the chorus specifically tailored to our request: “We’ve got hard time, but we’ve got hope. We’ve got mountains to climb, but we’ve got rope. We’ve got our friends to help us cope. We’ve got hard times and we’ve got hope.”Furthermore, because we needed both aspects – hards times & hope – she invited ODD groups to come up 7 words of “hard times,” while the EVEN groups generated 7 words of “hope.”
  2. Simplicity and Repetition are your friends! Notice how repetitive the chorus is. And the first line is the same as the last line. Tracy uses a common gospel chord progression, which is familiar and simple enough for everyone to learn quickly.

Join us for Verbal Skills & Songwriting! 8 CMTEs

Watch the preview video and learn more about our course by Dr. Tracy Richardson.

  • Walk away with a new-found COMMUNITY of friends becoming better songwriters & building verbal skills so that you are never alone
  • Write 3 original songs (at minimum!) with peers so that you have a vault of fresh rep to access with clients.
  • Learn and practice verbal interactions with peers so that when you work with clients, you KNOW that you are doing everything in your power to provide a strong sense of safety & unconditional positive regard.

I can’t even describe how rewarding of an experience leading this [songwriting experience taught by Tracy] was for me. The participants used such unique and specific description words, which… made it all the more deep and meaningful for them to listen to. Thank you Dr. Richardson for sharing this wonderful [session idea]!

Nicole Birmaher, MT-BC

Tracy Richardson was amazing! It was so hands on, interactive, and was a tangible activity that I can mold to serve the needs of my patients. I would LOVE a whole day of interactive sessions like that. I would happily enroll in an all-day event participating in activities and intervention-sharing sessions.

Bobbi Jo Vandal, MT-BC

Join the course today! Here’s the link:

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