Submit a Session Idea for Project Campfire

We’re so excited that you want to add to our community resource database, Project Campfire! Here is some quick info to get you started. When you’re ready, just fill out the form below. 🙂

What is Project Campfire?
Think of Project Campfire as a creative idea factory. You work hard to create meaningful, effective clinical experiences for your clients. This database lets you share those ideas (and get rewarded!) while also getting fresh inspiration from others.

What makes a good submission?
Here are the features we look for in every submission to make sure it’s a good fit for the database. This blog post is a good example!

  • Detailed implementation steps so others can be successful
  • Supporting materials (Lead sheets, lyrics sheets, printables, visuals, etc.)
  • Short video demonstration, especially for original music!
  • Agreement that it’s an original idea (You may use pre-composed music, but the concept of how to USE that music must be original.)