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Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC

Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC

Instructor, Guitar Skills 101

[They have] done an amazing job of providing CMTE courses to music therapists at MusicTherapyEd.com. It was great working with [them] because they have the passion, drive and professional skills to make a site like this thrive. [They] consistently over-deliver on the value they give to others through courses. I highly recommend their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics are you looking for?

We welcome proposals on any topic– here are a few we are especially interested in bringing to our course library, based on customer feedback:

  • Rap/Hip-Hop in clinical settings
  • Mental health & music therapy
  • DIRFloortime & music therapy
  • DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) in music therapy
  • Neurodiversity & music therapy
  • Music & technology

Do I get paid for teaching a course?

YES! As an instructor, you receive a competitive payment upon the release of your course.

Can I teach this course elsewhere?

While you own copyright of the material you teach, we ask for an exclusive license in order to protect both you and us from litigation. This arrangement also prevents confusion in the marketplace, and makes it easier for consumers to understand what they are buying.

For example, let’s say our dear colleague Carolyn Koebel wants to teach a course entitled “Music Therapy Drumming.” 2 problems arise:

  1. Carolyn is already a teacher for an organization called “Music Therapy Drumming.”
  2. If consumers saw “Music Therapy Drumming” over here at MTE, they would get confused. Are they getting the same content? Why are courses priced differently on each site? So many questions.

By creating content for which MTE holds exclusive license, the instructor is protected from litigation with a unique title, description, and video content. And the consumers are clear about the difference among various offerings in the marketplace.

Are courses taught live, or pre-recorded?

We have transitioned into a live format for courses– meaning that at launch, customers learn with you via live webinar. The recordings from the live sessions are then made available for anyone to purchase and re-watch as an asynchronous course later. Depending on the topic, you may still wish to create some pre-recorded resources– but the majority of the instructional content will be presented live just like you were at a conference or institute!