Pediatric Music Therapy Deserves Some Love!

From early childhood to geriatrics, neonatal intensive care units to hospice, music therapy plays an important role in many different settings. Our diversity in scope and practice is one of the best parts of our profession: wherever there is a person in need of support, music therapists are stepping in. With growing reach and advocacy comes community and camaraderie.

But does pediatric music therapy get as much attention in our field as it deserves? Amy Love, MA, MT-BC believes so much in this line of work that she created a whole community support system around it.

Listen as Amy kicks off our series on pediatric music therapy by sharing why she loves her work as a pediatric music therapist and why it is such an important part of our profession in the video below:

Beth: Why is the topic of pediatric music therapy important, and what drew you to working in pediatric oncology?

Amy:  I’ve always been so interested in working in pediatric oncology and just pediatrics in general. I can’t really quantify why, I just always felt really drawn to it. And I think a lot of people in pediatrics feel that way. Music therapy is in all different areas. We have special ed, we have retirement homes and senior living. But I think pediatrics is this growing area that doesn’t get the attention it sometimes deserves, in my opinion. So I love to see it growing in children’s hospitals and showing how music can be a really pivotal and meaningful part of the healing process.

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