You are a leader in healthcare

Hello Leader in Healthcare! The more days, weeks, and months that fly by, the stronger our message becomes. It is so very clear to me that this new generation of music therapists will elevate our field more than ever before.

We’re making the official proclamation here and now:



Make no mistakes. The road is long, rough, rugged, with lots of bumps and barricades. But I stay stubbornly committed to our proclamation.

I’m going to give you a quick example of how this is true. In January, I knew I was going to leave my private practice. Also, the hospital that filled several hours per week was planning to drop our services. These were mutually exclusive events.

I prepared for my presentation to the executive committee and CEO. As I walked from my car to the seminar room, I put frankincense essential oil on my temples to ground me and reduce my nervousness. Mindfully, I let it all go. And I was leaving my practice anyway, so if we lose this contract, who cares. I made a promise to myself that I would take nothing personally, and that I would just go in and be ME.

In a few short minutes I gave my spiel, and shortly thereafter was informed that our hours doubled. This was unexpected and a total surprise.

We, as music therapists are in high demand. Don’t ever forget it.


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