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Tania Cordobés, MMT, MT-BC

Trauma Informed Care in Music Therapy

with Tania Cordobés, MMT, MT-BC

Trauma informed care is important for all providers to gain mastery in the delivery of care for our clients and patients regardless of setting because the potential for trauma related needs exists in all populations. With our ethics code as a guide, you will be equipped to practice music therapy through a trauma Informed lens.

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2 month access

$95 $39

Anita Swanson

Ethics and Disability Rights

with Anita Swanson, Ph.D., MT-BC

What can we do to help our clients beyond the therapy room? How can we change our daily habits and language to be more inclusive and respectful? Are we causing harm in the way we conduct business?

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2 month access

$95 $39

Robin Rio, instructor

Cultural Ethics

with Robin Rio, MA, MT-BC

When developing cultural sensitivity, it is helpful to have a guide to focus thoughts and increase awareness. This course helps the music therapist become more aware of ethical issues related to gender, race, ethnicity, class and socioeconomic status, as they relate to work and relationships in our increasingly diverse profession.

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2 month access

$95 $39

Jennifer Pinson

Business Ethics

with Jennifer Pinson, MT-BC

Are you a contractor? Do you receive a 1099 from any entity at the end of the year? Do you make residual income from a blog, CD album, or supervision services? Do you run a private practice? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you ARE a business owner. Know your business ethics!

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2 month access

$95 $39

Kind Words About Our Instructors 💖

Just secured two library contracts while I was just pitching for one! The growth I’m seeing in my business and the confidence I’m feeling is something I’ve never felt before.

Kenya, Music Therapist in Georgia

The courses have totally motivated me! The videos are fabulous. I feel like [the instructors are] right here with me. Very empowering… and will push me to the next level! This is the wave of the future.

Lisa Barnett, MT-BC

Music Therapy Ed has gotten me through two cycles of renewing my board certification for a fraction of the cost of attending conferences and workshops. I am an original VIP and have used the courses to keep me up to date….
It is a great investment in your career.

Nancy Davis, MT-BC

INCREDIBLE resource for Music Therapists! I highly recommend it. I am a proud VIP Member. The team at Music Therapy Ed is AMAZING!

Laura Malczon, MT-BC