100 CMTEs in One Place

Looking for simple pricing with unlimited credits? One place that offers enough credits to recertify? The most talented leaders in the field helping you in a forum throughout the course? A supportive, fun, and engaging community?

We’ve got you covered, Leader in Healthcare! The VIP experience gets you:

  • 100+ credits– all of your credits are taken care of in one place at your own pace.
  • ALL 30+ courses ready to start– you can use any course as a resource when you have questions.
  • Project Campfire membership which gives you 5 new unlocks to session ideas every single month
  • Access to all 40+ Mindstorm webinars, which means even more support for you to learn how to dive in to self-care, create your dream job, or even rap with your clients.
  • Constant support & idea sharing from the strongest leaders in music therapy. You cannot get this much support for your amazing work anywhere else, in-person or online.

Music Therapy Ed has gotten me through two cycles of renewing my board certification for a fraction of the cost of attending conferences and workshops. I am an original VIP and have used the courses to keep me up to date….

Nancy Davis, MT-BC

All-Access VIP Membership


  • On-demand access to ALL of our courses, anytime! (100+ CMTEs)
  • Choose 5 session ideas a month to unlock from our expansive Project Campfire database
  • Monthly Meetup peer supervision calls with your fellow VIPs
  • A Secret Stash of VIP-only resources, including 40+ Mindstorm webinars
  • Access to our private Facebook group, where you’ll find bonus resources & a supportive community

How it works

The courses have totally motivated me! The videos are fabulous. I feel like [the instructors are] right here with me. Very empowering… and will push me to the next level! This is the wave of the future.

Lisa Barnett, MT-BC

INCREDIBLE resource for Music Therapists! I highly recommend it. I am a proud VIP Member. The team at Music Therapy Ed is AMAZING!

Laura Malczon, MT-BC

I LOVE these online courses… I can take them at my leisure, and they are so much more affordable than attending a conference or workshop for a few days. THANKS!!

Nancy Krutenat, MMT, HPMT, LCAT, MT-BC

YES! I’m ready to become a VIP!