Smart Documentation with Allison Hingley, MM, MT-BC

Allison Hingley, MM, MT-BC of Atlantic Music Therapy will walk you through creating systems to help you achieve simplicity, efficiency, and clarity in your work and your business. Allison will share important tips on developing protocols for your administrative and therapeutic work, regardless of whether you work in a facility or in private practice. You’ll leave with FREE resources to leave you feeling empowered and motivated. You won’t want to miss this!

In this Mindstorm Monthly Allison shares:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 3:00 – Creating systems
  • 9:00 – Administrative systems
  • 12:00 – Marketing systems
  • 19:00 – Clinical systems
  • 26:00 – Documentation
  • 30:00 – Q&A

Here’s what our live viewers are taking away from this webinar:

I am taking follow your heart. Dont take any music therapy job to pay the bills if it is not your passion. You are not serving yourself or your clients!

I’m excited to get the systems out of my brain

It was great to discover how to have locked sections of my Microsoft word- things I already have!

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