Session Idea: Story Songs
from the Project Campfire database

Fun story songs on the keyboard that are great for adaptive piano lessons or sessions involving piano! This idea can be easily adapted to differing levels of capability as well.


  1. Start by discussing the musical alphabet (ABCDEFG)
  2. Create a chart that assigns non-musical letters to a letter from the musical alphabet by writing the additional letters underneath the musical letters.
    • For example: “H” would be written under “A” and so on.
    • You could create a chart to use prior to your session (There is also a downloadable chart listed on this page), or if you feel it is applicable for your client, you could have them help you create a chart during the session.
  3. Have the client choose a word, maybe their name for example, and determine what letters it would translate to from the musical alphabet.
  4. Either you or the client will play the notes and decide if they want to invert or repeat any of the notes.
  5. Either involve the client and have them play the melody while you accompany them OR if they are unable, you can play the melody for them and give them options for elaboration or accompaniment.
  6. This can become a hello song, inspiration song, legacy piece, or various other options depending on the client and the goals.
    • Utilize their created pieces however is appropriate in future sessions or continue to create other songs!

Submitted by Rebecca Goldguire