Thank you for picking up the relaxation script!

(narrated by Kat Fulton)

Kind Words About Ellen

I sat down for my session yesterday as, I admit it, a skeptic! But I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the results. You drew out of my mind things that I had been churning on but couldn’t even articulate yet. You not only gave me the courage and encouragement that I needed to take the next step in my life, but you made me feel authentically ready to do it.

Erin P., private client

It is a privilege to work with Ellen and her unique style that blends music, vibrational sound and guided imagery into a gentle and supportive journey of self and group exploration. Ellen worked with our team, honoring both the individual needs of each member as well as the energy and needs of the group. She provided an experiential, safe dialogue that allowed each team member to feel comfortable expressing their internal journey while creating a collective bond through group interaction and connection. Many thanks to you Ellen for all you are and all you do to promote healing and to support the best in each of us.

Lori Rhoades, Nur
"Music connects us to something greater beyond the self." - Ellen Wier, MA, MT-BC