Drumming with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

What’s really useful when you are drumming with individuals with dementia is the GOAL. Be aware of the goal. Maybe the goal is social interaction. Or perhaps the goal is to stimulate motor movement. Then again, you may be working on memory validation.

Whatever the group and goal is for your clients, you’ll benefit from these great ideas from Christine Stevens, MSW, MT-BC! Watch the video below, and prepare to be inspired and rejuvenated in your work with dementia.

Ready for more? Take Christine’s Clinical Applications course!

Join us in delving into a multitude of populations with drumming. Christine is a PRO when it comes to teaching, building relationships, achieving therapeutic objectives, and INSPIRING you to be your best clinician! By taking the course the Clinical Applications of Drumming course, you will:

  • Watch 25 segments to infuse your work with research-based drumming methods so that you will WOW your administrators when you drum with your clients.
  • Walk away with dozens of new ideas on using the most effective drumming techniques in a variety of settings including developmental disabilities, PTSD, refugees, survivors of abuse, seniors, mental health, recovery, rehabilitation, and kids.
  • Turn your clinical experiences into successful formulas you can use to bring fun, engagement, and depth into your clinical work.

See you in the course!

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  1. Christine, I am a music therapist and am interested in learning more about facilitating a drum circle but have limited time in my life schedule. Is this something to purchase and do at one’s leisure or will there be scheduled times I would need to participate ‘live’ similar to a scheduled webinar? Please clarify what this is so I can decide about purchasing the Art and Heart of Drum Circle Facilitation by tomorrow for $99.00. Thanks!

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